Hello, I am Dan Gabriel and welcome to Armageddon Firearms, Inc. As owner and CEO, I would like to thank you for stopping by to visit. I hope you find the firearm of your choice. If you do not see what you are looking for please feel free to contact us by filling out a contact form found in the contact us section or by phone. WE will be happy to assist you however we can. 
I started this company several years ago and it has grown steadily ever since. Many of our sales are repeat customers and I would like to thank both old and new customers for their business. 

I would like to introduce to you my new partner and co-owner, Jennifer Smith. Jenny is learning the business and will be handling both sales and office chores along with modeling our products. You will find her to not only to be pleasant but very helpful. She is learning and will be a Hugh asset to Armageddon Firearms, Inc. 
Welcome aboard Jenny!!     



Due to the fact of so many different firearms on the market today and customer's choices we have decided not to list all of our inventory. If we don't have the firearm of your choice, in stock, we can order it and have it here within three business days or less. WE will also ship to a FFL of your choice or locate one for you within five miles or less of your location.

Today, as you well know, our world is ugly and VERY dangerous. Our country is at war. We, the American citizens are their target. No more is it military on military. It's us, you and I, who they want to kill and injure. We, as Americans, have the right and MUST arm and protect ourselves and our families from this threat. PERIOD. If our government can't or won't do it then we are on our own to do so. For a small investment of a few firearms to protect yourself and your loved ones is what EVERY American citizen should and is doing.
We here at Armageddon Firearms would like to help you with choosing the protection of your choice and we have decided to offer every American citizen who can legally own a firearm very special pricing on ANY firearm(s) of your choice. So.............

Effective immediately, any firearm, either in stock or ordered, will be $29.99 above total dealer cost!!!!

  **** ALL SALES ARE FINAL.**** NO RETURNS ****( unless you fail back-ground check. Re-stocking and other fees may apply.) ****